|||    08-01-2022 : Weekend lockdown, night curfew return: As COVID-19 cases rise.    |||    08-01-2022 : The rise in COVID-19 cases has prompted Delhi authorities to impose a weekend curfew from Friday 10 pm to Monday 5 am in the city. Delivery and Pickup may get effected.    |||    08-01-2022 : The Tamil Nadu government on Wednesday announced night curfews from tomorrow and also enforced a shutdown on Sundays to fight against the rising COVID-19 cases. The night curfew timing is 10 pm to 5 am.    |||    08-01-2022 : The Haryana government has ordered the closure of malls, theatres, multiplexes and entertainment parks.    |||    08-01-2022 : A night curfew will be imposed in Chandigarh from Friday, while all educational institutions including schools, colleges, universities and coaching classes will be closed.    |||    08-01-2022 : The Assam government has revised the timings of night curfew to 10 pm to 6 am, starting from Saturday (January 8).
Track Your Shipment

Track Your Shipment

For multiple queries use commas (,)
eg: P10600878545


Track Your Shipment

For multiple queries use commas (,)
eg: P10600878545

Our Services---Airfield Primex


PRIMEX - Prime services with speed, security and safety of the shipment. All the important shipments can be booked under Primex mode. This is a very cost effective service with fast delivery.
The shipment which can be booked are as follows:
Passports /Tickets / High value Cheque Books, Blood samples / Medicine, Surgical instruments etc.


1. NEXT DAY DELIVERY - All Priority shipment will get Next Day Delivery between office hours. We understand the value of your priority shipments that has to be delivered the next day as it is somehow will affect your work too. Therefore, Primex is the best mode to book such shipments.

2. CHEAPEST COURIER SERVICE - Booking high priority shipment with cheapest rate and fast delivery service. Comparatively Primex is cheaper for booking high priority shipments. For details regarding Price please contact our toll free number 18002332013.

3. TO PAY PICKUPS - Arranging pickups from all India and delivering to the destination as per the needs and requirements of the customer. If a shipment has to be collected from Bangalore and has to be delivered to Delhi but the shipper is at Mumbai than Primex is the solution for all such To Pay Pickups. Contact Customer Support for more details.

4. FULL TRACKING AND CUSTOMER SUPPORT AVAILABILITY - Shipment booked under PRIMEX will also got facility for tracking the AWB number and for more details you can contact Customer Support Executive at Toll Free No. 18002332013.

4. ONE SOLUTION - All your needs and requirements can be customised according to the shipper from arranging any delivery or pickups. Just put a mail to cs@airfield.co.in and you will get all the solutions for all your problems.


1. As per Government rule if the value of the shipment is more than Rs 50,000 than E-way bill has to be generated. For assistant you can contact us.

2. Some shipments will require some paperwork like declaration, MSDS, Invoice etc to book shipments

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